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We have three types of tutors:

Academics - Wealth of knowledge in most advanced areas of modern science.

Teachers - Wealth of experience in teaching at school, T.A.F.E or university both here in Australia and/or abroad. Having experience teaching in a group environment, ensures that this category of tutor has a solid understanding of the requirements of the student.

Undergraduates - University students who have recently completed the V.C.E. The undergraduates who we offer are of a very high standard, having achieved ENTER score in excess of 95, ranking them in the top 5% of school leavers in Victoria. Due to their recent completion of the VCE, they are very familiar with the VCE curriculum.

We cater for different financial curcumstanses as well.

We have two types of lessons:

Individual - Could be 45 min or 1 hour. We can come to your home (subject to tutor's availability) or you can come to us (it is cheaper)

Group lessons- do you want to have access to a tutor at a heavily reduced price? Do you have school friends who need a tutor? The group titition is a very effective form of private tutoring. A group environment allows for networking, brainstorming as well as discussions. The group lesson is conducted in the privacy of your own home (or our). Group tuition is very affordable and can give you access to a private tutor for as little as $20 p/h.



Very affordable. Increases information flow, as there are more participants. Encourages communication and feedback. Increases options where tuition can take place. Fun and entertaining. May be difficult to find study partner. May be more difficult to arrange a time suitable for all parties. May not be as effective as private tuition if students are at significantly different levels.

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