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What the kids think of us:

  • "I used to be a bottom of my class in maths, but in the last exam I came top with 92%"
  • "Thank you very much for having me for maths. You have made it so much easier for me. You have made it so much fun instead of boring old maths lessons. Thanks again so much for everything".
  • "I aimed to improve my marks, skills, dedication and enjoyment of maths the assistance of my tutor has helped to achieve these goals."

What parents say about us

  • "My daughter's trouble at school was that she was always scared to ask for help. In my mind that was her biggest difficulty. Since attending the tutor besides gaining confidence in her work, she has gained the most important thing... Confidence in herself."
  • "We have been tremendously satisfied with the outcomes achieved. Your respect for the children is immense. The our philosophy is a double-edged sword providing the best environment for learning along with interesting and stimulating material".
  • "Angela is in the top maths group in the school and Lewis is in the extension group now".
  • "I can and do highly recommend the tutor to everyone whose child is experiencing difficulties in this subject".
  • "Jessica has improved so much since coming to our Ė her maths AND her confidence. We are really grateful for what you have done for her. Thank you for everything".
  • "Individual tuition has been beneficial to engage Robert and build up his confidence."
  • "Iím over the moon with my sonís progress, we have made a commitment to provide our son with the benefits of private tutition"
  • "Callunís increased confidence has made a remarkable difference in the way he handles assessment tasks. He has developed more independence with his homework."


  • Are your tutors familiar with the VCE system? -- Yes
  • Are the undergraduates or graduate tutors any good? -- The undergraduates finished their final year of high school in the top 5% of the state. They have been through the system themselves, completing it to a very high standard. There is a common saying that says "practice makes perfect". The large number of clients that we deal with, exposes our tutors to many different students, from a variety of schools requiring assistance in many different areas. As a result, the longer our tutors are with us the more experience and knowledge they have, regardless of whether they are undergraduates, graduates, teachers or academics.
  • Do you give homework? How much? -- Yes. Depends on the student requirements
  • What options do I have for payment? -- Payments can be made for a full term (infront) or per lesson.
  • My child needs extension work. Do you cater for that? How? -- We take students from whatever level they are currently achieving. Many of our students come for extension.
  • Who benefits from mathematics tuition? -- Our students range from 4 to 16 years of age. Roughly a quarter are working at a level above their school class. These children enjoy the challenge of work that caters for their strength in mathematics. They can move at a pace appropriate to them and cover a wider curriculum than would normally be offered in the classroom. Approximately a quarter of our students are working below their school level. These children benefit from an individual programme that identifies the skills that are holding them back and enables them to catch up to their peers.

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